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Luis Laureano Santos e Associados

Luís Laureano Santos e Associados

Sociedade de Advogados SP, RL


LSC LAW FIRM results from the evolution of law offices with a family tradition in the profession since the thirties of the last century.

LSC LAW FIRM combines among its members and associates the veteranship of some, with more than forty years of professional experience and the youth of the majority of the partners, with an average of ten to twenty years in the profession.

One of the main goals of LSC LAW FIRM is to establish secure bonds with our clients, ensuring that they receive professional services in which they can fully trust. Our team is structured to offer legal support and guidance in the areas of our clients’ private and professional life.

Our team guarantees solid decision making, with the highest standards of responsibility and commitment to the defense of our clients’ interests.


Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, 35 - 9º andar 1050-118 Lisboa, Portugal

(+351) 213592500

(+351) 213592599

[email protected]


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